Washington Football Team

WFT is almost WTF. Washington Football Team -

A new head coach. A few new players. A new name. A new brand. A new identity.

Let's face it, The Redskins is a blatantly racist name for a professional sports team. The entire organization should be excited to talk about why they all support changing the name and why it was necessary change. And while facing adversity you failed to produce a necessary discussion to rename your team. You remained silent when your voice was an important one to hear. That's a shame.

That's a bigger fumble than Tony Romo at the goal line on a QB sneak to win his first playoff game. The entire NFL organization is under fire to begin with from players silently protesting by taking a knee during the national anthem in recent years past. Meanwhile there are protests taking place nationwide because #BLM. You took great steps forward by kneeling in solidarity at the nation's capital and admitting to one of your team's failures. You announced your decision to change. And then you failed to keep the conversation going.

An entire nation, which you are at the core of, is in shambles. A pandemic wave is crippling countries while protests are shouting equality for all in a nation dubbed the melting pot. Yet you remained silent. Instead of standing for something, you decided to stand for nothing. Instead of speaking up, you remained silent. This too shall pass but fans will never forget the day you took the easy way out, Washington.

While I don't agree with any of the names that had been suggested so far, I do think you missed a huge opportunity to be a voice during turmoil. You could have created involvement with your fans. You could have created involvement with your team and with your players. You should have created involvement with your organization to ultimately decide the significance of your brand. At a time when involvement is in most dire need. Then you arrived at the Washington Football Team.

On a lighter note, you did choose to stay with burgundy and yellow as your team colors thereby limiting potential team names relevant only to those colors. Keeping the colors the same isn't a hindrance for having a very important conversation. Start the conversation, and keep the conversation going until it is resolved.

In closing, there should be no football season this 2020. Imagine a black light screening of the air molecules during full contact football. After three snaps airborne particles from saliva and sweat will engulf the field, as heavy mouth-breathing lineman stack in formation. If a contagion happens to be present, this is a perfect place for it to be active.

Health is wealth. Let's sit 2020 out until science can figure out this contagion.

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