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Value is an interesting word. If I describe something as valuable, typically you would decode that as meaning worth a lot of money. If something is perceived as having value, people are willing to pay more money for it. Let's take away the monetary meaning of value. The word now becomes useful, helpful, important and significant. Those words really exclaim the meaning of value.

Value in Advertising

In order to sell value in advertising you must think about what the people you are selling the product to value in their life. For example, parents would say they value their perception as parents of their children. Procter & Gamble is not comparing Tide to other brands of detergent. They are showing the value of being a mom who chooses P&G products to assist in raising their children. Take a look at the P&G commercial below highlighting the mom's who have chosen P&G. Those mom's are proud to have children that have become Olympic athletes.

So don't sell the molecule anatomy of your grass seed and why its superior technology makes it premier. Rather, show your kids in a full yard of grass smiling and playing, and falling down in your full grass lawn, compared to your neighbors who's kids have mud stains. In advertising we say, sell the sizzle not the steak. The sizzle is value. Sell value in your product advertisements.

Value in Sales

Focus on being described as useful and helpful, and making your client feel important. Being described as a person of value to a client, usually results in a sale over every sales tactic in the book. Allow me to break these down individually. Add value by being useful and helpful and making them feel important.


Being useful to someone means being practical. Focus on pitching the

practicality of your brand/service. Drive home the unique selling point of

the item that you are selling. If it is practical then it is effective.

Practicality and effectiveness segue to feasibility. Feasibility means it is easy

to use. Effectiveness saves money, feasibility saves time - two things your

client highly values.


Making something easier and adding assistance is valuable in and of itself.

Being considered helpful to someone else is nothing more than offering

assistance and support. That includes even if you don't sell to them directly!

Being helpful is realizing the customer's situation and cooperating to help

them. Taking that approach makes it feel less like a sale, and more like a

friendship and appreciation. You aren't actually selling to them anyway, you

are just influencing them to make the right decision. Be helpful in your

sales pitches.


Make your client feel important and welcomed when you are at their

attention. Focus on them, not on your sale. Recognize them with a polite

and endearing welcome. Listen to them, not with the intention to respond,

rather with the intent to understand their situation. Just know if you take

this approach and you aren't able to close a sale, they will be back for the

way you made them feel as a potential client.

Value in Marketing

Make your client "feel like" they are getting the edge in the monetary relationship. That is the secret. Talk about the great decision they will be making choosing you as an option over the competition. No one wants to be sold! Highlighting their decision to choose you makes them feel valued and will make them choose you every time.

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