Tesla Tequila

I love Tesla - the vehicle. Is anyone as excited about the Tesla Tequila?

Not so much...

In creating Tesla Tequila you are confusing your customer in the process. When the name Tesla is said, one would think of the premium electric charge vehicle. That's what the name Tesla represents. On one hand, I think it's a great idea to find other avenues to generate revenue for your brand. Just not under an already established name...


What Tesla should instead do is... Every time a Tesla is sold, make sure your customer gets a bottle to bring home. Add a hand written note exclaiming to drink responsibly, and cheers to them for participating in environmental consciousness. This makes this Tequila exclusive to your Tesla owners.

What's Tesla's Tequila unique selling proposition anyway? Charged up? (see above photo)

The amount of money you will have to spend on advertising to convince customers that this is the tequila they are missing would equal too much spent versus little gained. The competition would be steep in an already saturated market anyways.

Imagine, Tesla Tequila; only Tesla customers can purchase. This would create a massive underground purchasing of Tesla customers buying Tesla tequilas for their friends that don't own a Tesla. That level of exclusivity will make that a naturally desired Tequila. It also may even create a higher demand for your vehicle...

In addition to your Tesla Tequila, exclusive for Tesla owners, offer a public Tequila named- Nikola Tequila. Shape that bottle into a cloud that nestles on the lightning bolt shaped bottle of the Tesla Tequila. Then you will have a two fold of sales in tequila.

Market and advertise your Nikola and Tesla Tequila bottles conjoined - trademark pending. The adverse of this is to highlight drinking the Tesla Tequila in a fully autonomous Tesla car, but brace for the pushback on that advertisement.

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