My Favorite Super Bowl LIV Commercial

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Doritos Cool Ranch took the spotlight for me. With a twist on an old western style show down. The fresh young buck with a diamond grill shows up on his horse to an old fashion showdown.

Normally an old western shootout is the quickest to the draw - to remove the gun from the holster and shoot the rival - wins. In this episode Lil Nas X and Sam Elliot have a good old fashion dance off to the "Old Town Road" song. This song in particular that he preforms was number one on the Billboards top 100 for 17 weeks, the longest run in history.

"Cool" Ranch. That is precisely the words that I would use to describe Lil Nas X - cool. Diamond grill, with decked out speakers on his horse. He certainly looks cool, and if you want to be cool like him, the winner of the dance off, you have to choose Dorito's Cool Ranch. If you can get passed the stereotype of the black male, and appreciate it for the story - the cooler man in this story, the better dancing black man, wins.


1. The amount of times Cool Ranch subtly appeared in the background.

2. The amount of times the product was shown.

3. The product was the prize.

4. The play on "cool" ranch.

5. Sam Elliot's mustache wave.

6. Billy Ray Cyrus "I ain't dancing".


*I never critique without suggesting improvements...

1. "Who got next?" Are we playing pickup basketball?

Say, "Can't nobody tell me nothin', I'm Cool" and bite the chip - then that is your remix to the song. Invite other artists and continue to do this old western showdown with all of the artists you invite on the song to go from ranch to ranch bringing the cool.

2. More Cool Ranch Flavor label on the bag.

Are you sure that is what the consumer wants? How about be the first chip maker that puts more chips and less air in the bag, that adds more value to the product. The flavor is already the reason people have been buying it...

3. Billy Ray Cyrus "I ain't dancing".

Don't tell my heart that, show the moves you're holding back on. Get in the cool club...

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