Sales Slump Remedy

7 Sales Tactics - Influence by Robert Cialdini

1. Authority

2. Reason

3. Reciprocation

4. Commitment

5. Consistency

6. Social Proof

7. Scarcity

If you understand the influencing tactics above and people are still not buying from you, it's a good idea to really try to understand why. Your job then becomes to understand your customer's reasoning to why they are declining to prevent from being rejected in the future. Simply, ask them directly.

Money is rarely ever the reason. If they can afford it, they want it. People want the best they can afford. If they can't afford it, don't let that stop you from selling to them in the future. Make the customer feel special so that when they can afford to buy from you, they will. We all aspire to obtain the best and they will come back because of how you made them feel.

3 Reasons Why Your Customer Isn't Buying

1. Logic

The purchase doesn't fit logically into their vision for their outcome. You have to understand the buyer's perspective. Make sure the customer sees the value in the product you are selling to them. To remedy this, I recommend writing down the strengths of your product. This is your unique selling proposition (USP). It is why all of the other customers haven chosen to buy from the brand you represent. Understand your product by writing these points down. Memorize them. Point them out. And reinforce the value in making the decision to choose a relationship with your brand over the other options available.

2. Risk

Risk is often a perception of the individual; it's not real. Usually the risk means if they buy from your company, it could put their job at risk. From their perspective, losing a job means losing money, which leads to inability to support their family or themselves, or at the very minimum their coworkers will point out the failure virtually at their happy hour zoom meeting. What's at stake for your customer? What's holding them back? Ask them directly!

3. Credibility

If the buyer doesn't find you to be credible there are a few things you can do to prepare for this. Make sure that you understand the value of the product you are selling. Building a relationship is of the upmost importance. Are you effectively communicating to the individual you are selling to develop trust? Take notes in all of your meetings to help you remember things, like the clients name which you should use frequently. Nobody wants to buy from people they don't trust. Make sure you aren't overselling to the point that it's obvious you just want a sale. That's why I suggest influencing someone over selling them. Nobody wants to be sold but we all want to buy.

Finally, the last thing that you can do to establish your credibility is to make sure that they like you. Are you establishing enough time to build a relationship and a rapport with the potential client? You should be spending a minimum of five minutes establishing a friendship like relationship with the potential buyer. The reason is, everyone prefers to buy from people they like. Cue the success of Tupperware parties, and companies like Avon and Mary Kay, who have built a platform of buyers, selling makeup from friend to friend.

In order for someone else to like you, you must make sure you are completely happy in your personal life. You will have a different energy and it can be sensed. This energy makes the buyer more susceptible to buy from you. Be honest with yourself. Are you entirely happy with who you are at the moment? What's holding you back? What would you change? It might be that your car is dirty, it might be that your house isn't clean, or it might be a destructive relationship with a friend or a significant other. Maybe it's all of the above.

Write everything down. Then, fix them one by one. Pay someone to detail your car or take time to clean it yourself. Pay someone to clean your home or pay some friends to come help. And make sure you unfollow the bad apples in your newsfeeds on social media platforms. Look in the mirror every morning and every night and be honest with yourself. Are you happy with yourself?

8 Things for your Happy to-do List.

1. Work out (30 minutes a day)

2. Eat healthy (less butter, less salt, less sugar, less processed foods, more water)

3.Read / Study (especially sales books)

4. Meditate / Pray (15 minute silent time - no distractions)

5. Get enough sleep (take naps)

6. Do the things that make you the happiest. If you are unsure then find out.

7. Think positively

8. Believe in yourself

Being happy will help you sell more than you thought possible! *If none of the above work, ask me to be your sales coach!*

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