God or Science? A Masked Debate...

The Governor of Texas finalizes that Covid is over and masks aren't necessary. It was pleasant to see the people of Austin Texas wearing masks in every store that was visited. The reason why is because a decision was made to only go in stores that still required masks. And to go into stores that are still enforcing a mask policy. Why? Because Science has helped us time and time again. Now businesses are being driven down (or up) by political agenda.

We have a deadly airborne virus currently plaguing us, and we should immediately get rid of the virus - as quickly as we all can, collectively. People are questioning if the virus is even real or if it is propaganda or a political agenda. If we can agree that the virus actually exists, we should all decide that using the data that Science has given to us, should be used to our advantage.

I've randomly asked people, "do you believe in Science? And may I ask, do you believe in God? Please do not feel it necessary to answer, I realize that's a personal question", is usually the asking chronology.

Wearing a mask, is a matter of believing scientific results. Science has taken us to some pretty cool places. I've personally met an individual who visited space. We go to the dentist to fix our decaying teeth. We know that when we inhale it is oxygen we are breathing, produced from plants and trees. And when we exhale it is carbon dioxide - well, most know, but because Science tells us that too.

The God or Science debate goes back to when I was helping a non-profit in Idaho fight a law that seems to favor religion over science. The non-profit is Protect Idaho Kids, and the religion is the Followers of Christ. Their religion believes that God heals all, and there was no need for medicine. "If he dies, he dies" from Rocky 3, type of vibes. As a result kids are dying from preventable deaths. Who's to say who's right? Should parents allow their kids to opt out of vaccines for measles or polio? Should they have assistance fixing their ankle if they've twisted it broken, or will God heal it when he has time?

The error is the lack of communication between scientists and the general public. As a result, there are all kinds of hype theories on the vaccines killing people (which happened to a neighbor of mine). There are reverse hypes about the fibers being consumed from the masks we are breathing through. It's similar to when I played the game telephone in class to prove this very point. The beginning statement never matches the ending statement. Because of the lack of direct communication from the scientific sources who have conducted experiments and extracted information from the testing to share with the general public, we have a game of telephone where the ending message is never the same as the intended one.

I read an article about a young boy dying needlessly at the hands of their parents because of a medicinal need. I am not sure how you can have access to the information but refuse to accept it and save a young man that you created. Culturally and morally it seems wrong. I also don't practice their faith. Should Americans condone sacrificial dying?

A kid does not have the mental capacity as a member of youth to have a developed relationship with a higher power. That's what science has coined as our adolescent years, and it is named that for a reason.

Science is real. Your Lord created it. He helped create it so you can live longer. He helped create the calendar, and he created time. Science also tells us the life expectancies of humans, by race. It also helps explain magnificent concepts like gravity and inertia. Oh, let's not disregard Science, and only accept half of it and ignore the rest, similar to how a majority worship.

Science has given us information that when individuals are both wearing a mask correctly it brings the chance of transmission down to around 1%. That's just for transmitting the virus from one person to another. Science is also telling us that the virus is now morphing into new strands.

The virus wants to do the same thing we have been evolving as humans to do. To extend life. America is bold enough to drop bombs on other countries, but not smart enough to outsmart a dangerous and sometimes deadly virus. Wear a mask, and as customers spending money, only shop at places that will require masks until we reduce transmission rates all over this country. We will near the end of this pandemic, because of science. Testing, and vaccine rollouts should have us near a normalcy around Octoberish… Just imagine if we just let the virus run it's course without vaccinations and without Science - Oh, God help us all.

Whether you believe in God or not, whether you believe in Science or not, we must continue to educate ourselves and do the impossible things we believe we can.

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