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Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Customer Experience is vital to the success of your brand. An experience leads to a perception. A heightened customer experience will lead to a heightened perception, of said brand.

An important quick note to mention before we get started: The customer buys the product. The consumer uses the product. A customer is only ever a consumer if he/she buys a product and uses it. Otherwise, treat them individually and satisfy both your customer and consumer both with a memorable brand experience.

An overall experience is an overall measure by the sum of our senses. What we see, what we hear, what we taste, what we smell, and what we touch as customers and consumers.


Customers don't want to see blank white therapeutic walls when they walk into a store, unless they are in therapy. People desire character. So, just like at home, display your own history. Ikea for example, has customers taking 30-minute walk-through's of their store. Then buying a product that isn't even finished being assembled, because of the sights they see in the store layout. Being safe is risky now-a-days.

**Hire an interior designer to manufacture a financially successful store.


Make your office or in-store aroma refreshing to the desired customer's liking. At the very minimum, make sure your store smells clean, if not overwhelmingly enticing. After all, the company that wins in a food court battle is the one that smells the best to the surrounding consumers...

**Hire a perfumer to help you decide what olfactory is the most desired.


If we were not in a middle of a pandemic I'd encourage you to shake the customers hand out of respect for choosing to give you money over the other available choices. Businesses need to think about everything the customer will touch in the store and using their products, and satisfy them both... including the pen that is handed to sign the receipt.

**The better perceived quality per touch, the more you can charge.


At one point people were willing to wait 10-years for a reservation at an exclusive restaurant by Damon Baehrel. Or even 4 hours for arguably the world's best brisket at Franklin's Barbecue. Consumers are willing to wait for something that tastes remarkable.

**At the very minimum, leave a good taste in your customer's mouth.


"You made an excellent decision with your purchase", are desired words of affirmation to tell a customer. Kia has sold more vehicles by using popular and known musicians in their commercials. The rule generally is, if you hear a song you like, then you should also like the product. People buy more when they are happy, so make them happier with a song that they know and love in your lobby.

**Make words of affirmation your love language in business.

Final Word:

We make perceived conclusions based around the senses we experience at any given moment. If you are able to get your customer's attention, cater to their senses to win.

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