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Updated: Nov 29, 2021

In order to defeat your enemy, you have to understand your enemy. SARS-CoV-2 is our enemy, and it is mutating to deadlier forms, and will continue to do so until we attack it back or defend ourselves appropriately. We must work together before it's too late. Let's start with where the virus derives and accesses our bodies.


SARS-CoV-2 is transmitted from your mouth and nose.

When you talk, sneeze, cough or breath, tiny droplets of saliva containing particles of the virus are released. The heavier particles don't travel far generally, and typically fall to the floor beneath, but aerosols (droplets not heavy enough to fall) will remain in the air and will spread depending on the air circulation (use HEPA filters indoors). They can enter your unprotected access points. That is why the safety bubble of six feet social distancing is crucial, in addition to the other safety parameters.

Access Points

Mouth - Eyes - Nose - Ears (the least likely) - Open Wounds

Protect these mindfully at all times and your risk of catching this airborne contagion go all the way down to almost zero. Double up on your masks. Use a daily one underneath your creative cloth one. Dispose of the daily one often, do not keep reusing the same mask. Wash your outer cloth mask daily before reuse. Wear you mask properly, completely covering your mouth and nose. Make wearing glasses fun. Style up with blue light blocker glasses if you don't have a need for prescriptions. Use your shoulder to itch your face. Stop biting your nails, it’s a bad habit for your health anyways. Wash your hands if you use them to consume food, but preferably use utensils. At the end of the day trust me, you do not want to catch Covid. Take a look at the symptoms.

Now that we know how the virus is transmitted, and how to protect our access points, our personal hygiene becomes the next most important thing that we can do to protect ourselves.

Hygiene Tips

Focus on the lather of your hands instead of running water for 20 seconds. Carry hand sanitizer as a just in case method.

Sneezing and coughing into your inner shirt or handkerchief, limits the spread of the particles from your body and does not allow it to find another vessel to attack.

Give hugs or a fist pound, or even better a salute to friends and associates, instead of shaking hands.

Don‘t talk without a mask on especially in close enclosed spaces.


Diet (nutrition) + Vitamins (A,C,D,E,Iron,Zinc) + Probiotics + Exercise + Rest + 1 Gallon of Water/day = Wealthy AF!

Your own personal hygiene is vital to stopping this virus from defeating you. Be responsible for your own health. Now is the best time to stop smoking, and to stop drinking because of the effects it takes on your immune system.


To The Already Vaccinated

We made a great decision for the short term benefit of the human race. Science has benefited humanity in countless ways and saved our species on many occasions. This very second scientists are working around the clock to understand this virus to save mankind. While they are unsure of any long term risks from a rushed vaccine trial, the ingredients we injected into our bodies, is going to benefit our immune system for more than just SARS-CoV-2 (at least in the short term). The certainty is almost a 100% guarantee that if you are vaccinated you will not die from the virus. The caveat of being the guinea pigs of the vaccination trial is that we are not aware of any long term affects. I personally enjoy the feeling of not worrying about having any covid symptoms as equally as I am worried of not knowing if I have the contagion.

To The Partially Vaccinated

If you experienced symptoms on your first go round, don't worry the second one is going to cause less of a reaction. If you had no symptoms on the first round, be careful because your immune system may react to the medicine you are injecting. Or you may come to find out that you have no reaction to either of the shots, but thank you for protecting yourself and not adding to the death toll. Get the second shot and protect yourself thoroughly for the remaining two weeks thereafter to become fully vaccinated. You'll thank yourself and your immune system will thank you too.

To The Unvaccinated & Anti-Vaxxers

Do your research on what is within the vaccine, and upon deciding not to get vaccinated, do your absolute best to protect your access points.

Honestly, I feel safer since taking the vaccine. I feel my immune system, which was already iron clad prior to the vaccine, is stronger. WHATEVER YOU DECIDE YOU DO NOT WANT TO CATCH COVID - The only way to minimize fatal risk is to become Fully Vaccinated!

Please read my personal decision to become fully vaccinated at the end.

To The Anti-Vaxxers Crying About Civil Liberty Infringements Unmasked

We are at war right now with an invisible enemy. Children are catching Covid at school and while it's not killing them, they are spreading it. We are also unaware what the deadlier strand of SARS-CoV-2 will do to our children. Grandparents are getting it and they have the least likelihood of surviving. And then there's parents that aren't able to defeat the virus because they are not immune are leaving children behind. This war is devastating as a whole, and we are still at war, which can become even more deadlier. And you're crying about your freedoms? All of that goes out the window when you are at war. If you happen to be on the far right of the political spectrum shouting my body, my choice - keep this same energy with humans that have a uterus. Oh, and on that note, one of the antibodies used to fight Covid-19 was researched using fetal stem cell. Look up the ingredients to Regeneron for yourself.

For the record, here’s our former president saying he’s vaccinated, on Sean Hannity. He was the most protected man on this planet who contracted the virus, which means you aren't as safe as you think you are from our enemy.

Choosing to spread misinformation, like the image below is disgusting and wrong.

All I can do is forgive your environment for not raising you with better sense. As of right now, you have the right to choose not to be vaccinated. Just be aware that we have yet to be able to move past any airborne contagion in the past without meeting vaccination goals. When you are by yourself, feel free to carry on as you would like with no mask. In public, show some courtesy. If you have asthma or some other preexisting condition or your children do and 'can't breath with a mask on', you damn sure won't be able to breath should you contract the virus.

If I may remind you that there have always been anti-vaxxer's in centuries past. The internet is also making it unbearably easier to misinform. In those days more times than not it was a religious decision. Do your own research on this, but I guarantee that you find those communities of people were devastated by diseases, like small pox for instance. And I bet you'll hear the stories of the main 'anti-vaxxer' that started the 'conspiracy theory' ends up getting vaccinated, saving their life, while the rest of the community perished.

Go volunteer at the hospital and see how long you will continue to be inconsiderate. Wear a mask and follow safety guidelines because we are all at war. Choosing to not be vaccinated is one thing. Crying about your freedom infringements is exactly what I’d expect a schmuck to cry about. I bet you laugh at others bringing up the safety concerns in being able to walk up to a gun show in Texas and buy an assault weapon with only a 'valid' driver's license and forego a background check too. What a schmuck. I guess we can dress you up in your outfit and parade you around the dinner table to display your special talent. Wear a mask in the vicinity of others Special Jack.

To Corporate America

Your employees DO NOT HAVE to meet in the same area five days a week for a total of nine hours. Use the technology at your disposal to accomplish new business feats. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but your really good employees, that work even better not being micromanaged, are able to accomplish a lot more.

Forcing employees to physically go to work, when most enjoy working remote is a mistake. I know you may be locked into long term leases but I suggest you give the employees a choice to come in to work or work remotely.

The reason why is everyone lives differently. People have different opinions about the virus because of the less than stellar communication coming from our government. Not every single employee is following the protocols the same. The mother that is protecting her infant, is more careful than the young lad going to the bar to meet acquaintances after a super spreader rave event. If you put those who have concern for their safety, in the same bubble as those who are less concerned, then it is you that amplifies the risk of your employees.

So unless you are willing to mandate vaccinations to your entire staff, allow people the choice to work from home. Allowing people to work from home, will drastically improve the economy in so many ways once we cross the hurdle for this pandemic. Your sales team will acquire new skills especially those that bank on selling in person.

Look at the bright side, working remote takes your pond for acquiring the best talent to an ocean of new talent at your disposal. Make sure your employees talking to customers wear masks regardless of whether or not you’ll require customers to wear them, vaccinated or not, as Science has learned that vaccinated individuals are able to spread the virus while they may not be showing symptoms. Employees should wear a mask - protecting them and protecting customers.

Here's how you can help:

1. Take the steps to protect your employees and your customers

2. Encourage your employees to get vaccinated with incentives - don't force rather EDUCATE your staff of the consequences of both choices and give them the freedom to make the decision that is best for their life.

3. Organize a way to decide your stance on Covid as an entire organization

To Small Business Owners

Do what you think is best. Like every other decision you’ve made, you won’t make everyone happy. You may lose some customers. My personal advice is to limit the people you allow the store at one time. Do your best to protect your employees and customers, and if you ask me, that means follow the mandates put in place. It also depends on your location. This is for every major metropolitan city where the population is in the six digits. Smaller rural locations can afford to be a little more relaxed in the regulations, except in higher traffic areas like airports and shopping centers.

1. Put your stance on any social regulations on your door before customers enter your store.

2. Make sure your stance is properly followed and respected by your employees and customers.

To School Systems

Smaller classrooms, mask mandates, temperature checks, and highly encourage your teachers to become vaccinated are on your to-do list. Eat lunch in the classrooms to prevent large gatherings in lunch hall. Continue to offer online learning for those parents with grave concerns. Twelve and under are not allowed to get vaccinated, and allowing the virus to spread amongst the children, while not imminently harmful to those children as of yet, they will bring the virus home to their parents, where everyone is more relaxed. Everyone has to be diligent about protecting their access points, including children five and up.

To The Government

I think the American taxpayers can kindly ask for Robert R. Redfield's salary back as you would ask someone fixing your house that doesn't fix your house at all. He was an utter failure as director of the CDC. Now let's talk about the skeletons in the CDC's closet, shall we? Let's take a look at what you did to black men in the Tuskegee study. Just letting syphillis roam free in black men to see the long term effects... and you wonder why the average citizens do not trust you?

Shall we go further and talk about allowing HIV to grow rapid, with no sense of urgency, because it was at that time, only killing black men and homosexuals in West and Central Africa. Now take a look below at the least vaccinated countries… Racism and discrimination by vaccine distribution. Disgusting!!

Since you are overall mistrusted, what you should be doing is working to gain that trust back. Tell us what you know. Tell us what you don't know. Here I'll help:

There are seven known viruses that can infect humans, that attack the respiratory system, and have done so in the past. The mid 1960's is the first awareness of these pathogens. These viruses can also infect animals, often times other mammals, and find ways to be transmitted back into humans, taking deadlier forms. Much like the Flu, which was transmitted from humans to pigs, and came back decades later in deadlier form and a new coined term 'Swine Flu'.

It is believed that SARS-CoV was transmitted to the bat community, and it came back into a deadlier strand SARS-CoV-2 or Covid-19, since that's when it was first discovered to be spreading in Wuhan, China. Which is ironically where the virus spread 'unknowingly' for months before the outbreak was discovered in the USA. That's also where the Wuhan Institute of Virology exists containing these understudied deadly viruses are located.

Since these were never a real threat they were pushed to the back burner in studying. You've neglected to study medicine and education because you were always boosting the defense spending budget. Since most of the money from medicine is gained by not educating people properly on how to protect their immune system, money was instead appropriated to build bigger and badder missiles and bombs that never even get used - 'just in case'.

Which is why the FDA approved the use of opioids, even knowing the addictions and overdose deaths that increase every year. And why marijuana and psychedelic drugs with healing powers are illegal federally (for now). Until you can manipulate ways for rich (white) men to take the keys to these vehicles and distribute these drugs legally in the places it is currently legalized, while keeping darker skin tones in prison for selling the same medicine.

Guess what's not approved, the vaccine that you are begging us to take. Go ahead and tell us why, CDC. It's because you don't know the long term effects of a rushed trial study.

It's no wonder why you aren't trusted. There's big money involved for Pfizer, JnJ and Moderna being funneled right from your pockets to hand these vaccines for free out like hotcakes. Stocks at an all time high, so everyone should have the right to know which legislatures have stocks in. Take some of that money you are earning and give it to the people with ridiculous hospital bills for your failure to act.

Tell people that there are 13 variants known around the world, and about four affecting the United States - Delta being the deadliest, for now. This isn't going to be the deadliest strand of the virus, because the more we allow it to infect others and mutate into different strands, the deadlier it has the chance to become. The only thing you can say absolutely is if you take the vaccine right now, your chances of dying from the virus are the slimmest to none.

News Flash:

The virus is not going to go away. Every strain would have to be removed from this planet and the last strain would have to be locked away in a safe and secure place, like in a museum next to smallpox. The difference is the smallpox vaccine would reject the disease from your body. Coronavirus vaccines do not. The current vaccine is not effective enough to eliminate the virus from this planet. Let Science do it's due diligence and relax because we all want normalcy to return but let's not rush it. Focus on being a better person overall for you while we wait. SARS-CoV-2 is not like the flu, it doesn't come seasonally. We must learn how to adapt to living with this virus since the vaccination does not eradicate the virus completely, and even vaccinated individuals can spread the virus. The vaccination only strengthens our immune system to fight the virus like the flu or booster shot would.

My Personal Decision to Become Fully Vaccinated

Much like everyone else, I was skeptical. Mostly because the administration at that time rushed to get full clearance (and understandable so). We all know anything that is rushed usually ends up going to hell in a hand basket. So I waited a few months and made a decision after some close friends became vaccinated and then I researched the drugs ingredients. I chose to get the Pfizer vaccine. I weighed the risk of longterm effects vs. the symptoms if you catch the virus. And here we are a year later and it’s still not fully FDA approved. That didn’t bother me though, in fact the way I cured all of my allergies was with a homeopathic drug not FDA approved, shout out to Boiron (along with multiple other ways to strengthen my immune system).

The symptoms of the virus were terrifying enough to me to get the vaccine. As a former boxer, and the knowledge of being at high elevations above sea level, I know what it feels like to run short of breath. That symptom terrified me enough to risk the unknown of the long term effects of the vaccine. Some of my closest friends ended up in the ICU, and thankfully made it out alive. Who knows if we all have heart failure in the near future as a result of the vaccine, or a weakened immune system that requires a plethora of antibodies on the regular. It may end up being extremely beneficial to our immune system overall, and add a few more years to our livelihood. Let's pray for that.

On the other side of the coin, you also risk symptoms from becoming vaccinated. These symptoms felt pretty miserable after the first 24 hours after my second shot, and then 24 hours later, my immune system felt impenetrable. The scary part for me now is now not knowing if I have the virus since my symptoms may not be present, and relaxing on the safety regulations, contributing to the spread unknowingly. There are kids, grandparents, and pregnant women out here that I need to think about as we move forward with this virus, and it's selfish for me to not take those lives into consideration. Follow my guidelines above to protect your access points if you choose not to be vaccinated.

You can travel safely. Keep in mind your access points. Wear disposable gloves for added protection, especially if you have a habit of touching your face. I want things to get back to normal as anyone else does, as I was studying marketing in cultures abroad, but the only way to get there is the minimize the spread of the virus to zero.


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