Covid-19 Travel Guide

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

It is not recommended to travel during this pandemic. We are looking at another 8 months or so of regulations while the vaccine is being distributed. Everyone wants to return to normalcy and I completely understand. Thanksgiving was virtual for me but given the circumstances in my family I had no choice but to fly home for Christmas.

Please read the following notes as your life and your family's lives are at stake. As a lifelong teacher, I gather information and share my understandings with others. Traveling can be safe if we all work as one big community to prevent the spread of this contagion.

Since I am unimpressed with the CDC recommendations, I decided to compile a list of some basic rules and knowledge that I have developed from my own research regarding the airborne contagion and the things I noticed while traveling. I must state, I am no expert or a doctor for infectious diseases, but, I am a communications expert and feel the need to share the knowledge I have acquired. Travel only when necessary. If you have a requirement to travel for any reason, please inform yourself with the information below.

The following chart is a must follow to minimize the spread of the virus.

If you see someone that is lacking the information to follow the guide, do your best to inform the individual. If you are unable to communicate the information without conflict, then tell someone that has the authority to communicate it for you.

For example:

In the airport, ask TSA to inform the individual.

If you are entering a plane, ask a gate agent to inform the individual.

If you are on the plane, ask the flight attendant to inform the individual.

These individuals are the authority of those specific locations. Otherwise politely ask the individual yourself to adjust their behavior so that everyone can remain safe(r).

Remember, only travel when necessary and if you must, stay safe!

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