Covid-19 Customer Restaurant Guide

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Restaurants have guidelines and regulations in order to operate safely. Yet, the CDC has neglected to give information for customers to those restaurants regarding our own personal safety in these restaurants. Before I discuss the safety protocol, let's air some things out.

Everyone misses dining out. That's completely understandable as it is one major physiological need that we all have. Even the best chefs in the world enjoy eating out because no one wants to have to cook all three meals, every single day.

As the vaccine rollouts begin, allow it time to manifest properly. There is no need to rush something of such high level of importance, because rushing is the number one cause of all accidents. We can not afford any more accidents.

When treating yourself and others to a meal from a local restaurant, it is important to remember these few things. Take out is the preferred method to order from restaurants. It reduces risk for all involved. If you can order from uber eats, postmates, or favor- they have all exceptional regulations for safety. Here are a few rules to keep in mind if dining in is your method of choice.

Pre-Dining Customer Safety Covid Regulations

1. To-go orders are safest. Dining outdoors is next safest. Dining indoors is the least safe of the three methods. It is encouraged to not sit down at a restaurant that does not socially distance tables - indoor or outdoor!

2. Wash your hands upon entering restaurant. - even if it is only a take out order. Focus on the lathering of the soap and not just running your hands under water.

3. Wear two masks at all times. One disposable mask on the interior, and one daily cloth mask that you wash after one use.

4. Use the bottom of your shirt, or sleeve to open doors.

5. Preferred method of payment is always cashless - using Apple Pay and Google Pay are the preferred contactless methods. If you have to use your debit card, it is always best to insert the card in the machine yourself and remove it yourself. Use your own pen if you have to sign anything. Do not touch computer screens. Tell the cashier to touch the screen for you and give them a nice 35% tip. They will smile behind their mask when they hear how much of a tip you are giving. If you are required to give the cashier your debit card then immediately Lysol wipe it before moving forward. Try and stay away from using cash right now.

Dining Customer Safety Covid Regulations

Post-Dining Customer Safety Covid Regulations

1. Throw away your disposable mask. Immediately throw the daily mask in the washer. Then wash your hands.

2. Cleanse the prescription or blue light glasses that is suggested to wear for eye protection. Then wash your hands.

3. Disinfect your phone.

4. Put your clothes in the washer machine, and then shower. Always shower when returning from outdoors - focus on the soap lather instead of just standing under the running water.

5. Express your individual thanks for your safety and wellness, others are not as fortunate!

Please feel free to share. Remember, stay safe!

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