Corona Beer (not the virus)

Updated: Jun 9, 2020


It is a public relations mistake to not be more involved Corona. I realize that you have donated $1 million to Restaurant Employee Relief Fund (RERF). It is in my opinion that more efforts should be extended on your behalf. Be more involved.

Donate 100% of your profits towards finding a vaccine.

By not being more involved you are taking on more risk. You share the name of a virus which has resulted in catastrophic pandemic. Prior to this pandemic, you had enormous hits on search engines. Now if you google Corona, your beer is taking a backseat to the pandemic.

I realize this pandemic has nothing to do with you besides a shared name. But, becoming part of the solution will add tremendous brand value. Allow me to explain.

I recently read an article about people being misinformed by a press release from 5WPR that states that people are less likely to buy Corona now. That article has since been pulled from the internet because of its misinformation. There may be some truth in jest, however.

Sales of Corona in China have reportedly lost $170 million. Similar feelings could spread, even knowingly that your beer is not a part of the pandemic. By being part of a solution, you will alleviate much of this concern. I understand that your sales have risen by 5% even with the major loss in China consumption.

You are seeing the spike in sales right now for a few reasons.

1. Social media posts people having the 'corona-virus' while consuming Corona.

2. People are buying more spirits because of the stressful time we are in.

3. People worry that spirits could not be deemed as non-essential.

4. Bars are closed.

At the moment you are doing well, the question is: will it last?

You released a poorly time ad launching Corona Hard Seltzer. You will also be releasing your same ads this year as you do every year. Normally, consistency is a great advertising component, however, ignoring the pandemic and placing your palm tree ads lighting up is a mistake.

Launch an ad featuring Carlos Brito, Anheuser-Busch InBev CEO, speaking about the pandemic and extinguishing the complexity of sharing the same name of a deadly virus. And introduce how Corona is becoming part of the savior in finding a solution - associating a now negative term to a positive association.

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