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Updated: Jun 19, 2021


With power comes a tremendous amount of responsibility. One of the least appreciated freedoms, that we have as American customers, is the freedom of choice. We have options people. We aren't REQUIRED to visit Wal-Mart and support the Waltons finances. Or forced to pad the pockets of the uber future first Trillionaire Jeff Bezos. Why? Because they aren't the only available options to buy the products we need/want. The reason why customers give the Waltons and Bezos their money, unbeknownst to them, is because they have focused on two key customer priorities: Cheap & Convent. You also don't have to buy from either one because you have options...

Buying Cheap is More Than Cheap, It's Selfish

Buying something that is as cheap as you can get it, for example shopping at Wal-Mart, only benefits your current financial need. Where as opting for the same item and willingly paying slightly more, comes more gratification as a customer. Knowing where your money is going has a certain camaraderie to it. Choosing to shop at Target instead of Wal-Mart, for example, because you know they pay their employees a fair wage. Target has outstanding employee benefits- take a look. Target benefits their team members health with great insurance, dental, and vision coverage. Financially, they have educational assistance, 401k, and daycare assistance. They even offer training to employees who want to further learning and development in their chosen career field. ALL THINGS I SUPPORT. As a result their store is always cleaner and they simply provide better customer service. I'm not advocating Target over Wal-Mart, I'm just announcing there are benefits for paying slightly more, if you do your research as a customer.

Buying Convenient Isn't Always Community Convenient

It is absolutely amazing how far Amazon has pushed the envelope of convenience. Amazon Prime members can get their package sometimes within 24 hours. What's even more amazing is they are not satisfied with that time window. I imagine drones dropping packages off in record time in the near future, if it is able to hurdle FAA compliance.

Convenience is one of the most powerful decisive factors in a customers purchase. Customers are willing to pay more for the convenience of saving time. Time is the most valuable asset that we have. What if taking a little bit more time would benefit your community a little bit more… Let's take a look at Bezos charitable giving in a time line by BusinessInsider. Bezos became a billionaire in 1999. His billion dollar charitable investment did not come until late 2020 to help fight climate change - to which Amazon is one of the biggest pollution proponents. Bezos does not have to give any of the money he has rightfully earned. If as customers, we make a decision to spend our money with companies who give back to the community, then WE ALL BENEFIT.

With that being said, if we take a look at the current condition of our country - it is fair to say, (take a deep breath) racial tension is prevalent and seemingly at an all time high in the USA.

The best way to help is to knowingly and willingly buy from minority owned businesses to begin to bridge the gap of racial economic imbalance.

The quickest way to make change is through the all mighty dollar.

Here's an example.

Uncle Nearest is a Whiskey with a deep rooted history. The owner is a black female Fawn Weaver. Check out some of her philanthropy work at Nearest Green which gives scholarships to minorities who are descendants of Nathan 'Nearest' Green. You'll want to see that beautiful narration by Jeffrey Wright so I advise you to click that link that highlights Nathan 'Nearest' Green.

Taking a little time as a customer, seeking a need fulfillment, to do your research on where you spend your money is the smartest thing you can. That little bit of time can pay dividends to your community, where politics seems to cause the greatest divide.

Download these apps on your phone and help register minority owned businesses to these apps or websites. Let's share this information so that we can all be smarter customers.

Black Owned Business Apps


I Am Black Business

Where U Came From

Official Black Wall Street

Black Owned Business Website

We Buy Black

Sophia Conti must see post highlighting amazing Black Owned Businesses with many lifestyle categories.

Asian Owned Business Apps

Someone please make one...

Asian Owned Business Website

Latino Owned Business Apps

Someone please make one...

Latino Owned Business Website

Another easy thing to do would be to contact your local chapters of chambers and see if there are ones that support Black, Latino, and Asian owned businesses. The ones highlighted are the local chambers from Austin, TX as an example. If there is not a local chamber that supports minority owned businesses, then start one. When you do contact those chambers get a list of their partnering businesses and make it a point to use their products and services. Be the change!

Do not get me wrong. I am not saying to only buy from minority owned business. That would be very difficult to do so. The suggestion is to spend a little time to research where we are giving our 'power' (money). That research can even the playing field in a racially divided America.

Spread the Love!!! Share the Wealth!!

Unify > Divide!

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