Survive Covid-19: Business Edition

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Do not accept the failure of your business in this pandemic.

Let's view this as an opportunity to not only evaluate how we can survive this situation, but rebound from this even stronger, wiser, and more efficient. Let's face it, this virus is a tight squeeze on the normal daily organization of your business.

There are lists of things to 'Do' under the following sections: Business Owners, Managers, and Employees. Choose your title and follow the suggestions. Then, read your in-summary statement. Surviving this pandemic is winning in most cases, but let's strive to surpass just weathering the storm.

Business Owners

Take care of the inner circle first. Your employees are number one. They are the life and blood of your company. Without blood in your body, your heart doesn't function. It's the same with your company.


1. Follow the guidelines that state and local officials recommend. Even more important is what scientists are suggesting - for the health of you and your employees

2. Incentivize workers who generate new monetary ideas

3. Offer a voluntary leave of absence instead of laying off (if needed)

4. Be a helping hand in your community

5. Stay in business

In Summary:

Every single one of you have grit. You are decision makers and leaders; Lead by example. Now would be an ideal time to dock your pay, and incentivize workers who forgo their paycheck, in addition, so that everyone remains employed. Do not dock pay in position's under yours; make it voluntary. This business is your family - treat them as such.



1. Decrease or expunge goals for this time period

2. Pay sick time accordingly, even if employees run out of sick hours

3. Encourage virtual meetings with your team; both individually and in groups

4. Create collaborative virtual team building exercises

5. Support your employees

In Summary: You are the point person to ensure the employees assigned to you are in good hands and stay motivated. Don't penalize your employees - reward them. It's a great idea to create an entire support system so that every single one of your employees are able to take care of each others needs. Part of your job as a manager is to make sure that your employees' needs during this time being are met, both financially and emotionally. Things are tough for your employees right now. Some may even have children at home being home schooled. Be mindful of every single situation and encourage them to be still be as productive as they can.


Your physical (and mental!) well being is priority number one. Wash your hands properly (don't leave the water on the entire 20 seconds of recommended hand washing). Sneeze on the inside of your shirt if allergies are affecting you. Follow the recommendations of social distancing. Find ways to exercise and strengthen your immunity and brain to remain in great overall health.

Okay, now that you've taken care of your physical self (and mental!), it's time to take care of your financial self. Below is your guideline to help strengthen your company.


1. Work from home when possible and be just as, if not more, productive doing it

2. Check on your current customers via phone and develop rapport with new customers

3. Brainstorm company improving ideas

4. Build to your personal skillset

5. Take excellent care of yourself

Reach out to every single one of your customers to check on them, and then proceed to share the status of where your company is at. This phone call is not a time to sell, this is a time to show genuine concern and empathy. Let them know that you have their back should they need it. In addition, this is an ideal time to build on your current skillset. Take the time to perfect your craft and learn something new by taking an online course or read a new book. What better time to invest in yourself while staying home safe!

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