Brand Marriage

A business relationship with a customer, as a brand, is defined as a monetary exchange for a product or service.

The customer is the one that concedes to the relationship proposal of a brand. After multiple attempts at communication, the customer buying the product is at the point of purchase to make their final decision... This decision is based on a multitude of variables including price, past experience, familiarity, communication, packaging, but most of all the decision is coming directly from an intrinsic desire. The customer's thoughts have come to a moment of decision to give your brand money instead of the other available option, is as much intrinsic as it is extrinsic. It's a feeling that will result in either carpe diem or cognitive dissonance.

That first purchase is a moment that becomes the building block foundation of a relationship. That is where the relationship begins. The beginning of a relationship is not the end - It is a building point. Build from that experience because, it is the brands responsibility, to keep that customer deliriously happy pre, during and post purchase. In doing that, the brand sets itself up for the ultimate success - a marriage. Having the customer marry your brand is the brand's ultimate goal.

In our personal live's, similarly, marriage is the pinnacle of a relationship status. The same holds true as a brand. Maybe you've tried all of the other available products and decided that brand is your favorite, and continue to only buy it. Or you may have tried a product for the first time and decided that brand is your favorite and never desired to try another. Either way, the brand wants to get out of the 'dating' phase with their customer and be the one chosen for the rest of that brand's life.

Just like you want to marry the best person for you in your life, or as close to perfect as possible to you, you want to marry the best brand to fit in your life, also. To get there you are looking for a few marriage vows and expectations. Those same vows from your personal relationship are directly linked to the brand. In not in any obvious or particular order...

Marriage Vows

Real Life Brand Life

Commitment Only Buying your Product

Praise Advocate the Product

Trust Fulfilling the Brand Promise

Communication As Advertised

Listening Attention

Honesty Honesty

Love Brand Affinity

Respect Evangelism

Compassion Understanding Customers

Sharing Customer Involvement

SUPPORT Customer Service

Sex Buying the Product

Selflessness Community Involvement

There are a number of analogies to continue this thread comparing real life relationships to brand life relationships because they are one in the same…

The road to become married is a difficult terrain to climb in both instances. You are only responsible for the energy and persistence within those marriage vows.

Final Love Note:

Love is the Answer.

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