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Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Most advertising textbooks will tell you 7 is the max number of words to keep on an outdoor billboard. Riskier texts will max at 10 words. That is just too much.

The right amount? = in my opinion, 7 Syllables or less...

For proof on why I think this way, do the following:

Close your eyes and count to 3 by saying:

One Mississippi - Two Mississippi - Three Mississippi

No seriously, close your eyes and count.

That's 15 syllables that you counted to 3 seconds exactly. Imagine being in your car for those 3 seconds with no attention to the road... scary. As a brand, when you are billboard promoting, do it: right to the point!

Below is the current Garrison Brother Bourbon Whiskey. By the way, the first bourbon in Texas is an incredible accomplishment. Dan is truly an inspiration.

Now, that 11 syllable complex word analogy took almost 3 seconds to read... I think it's pretty damn good... at 1 mph but not as much at 55 mph..

And the eye flow of the words leads to the product and then back to the traffic...

In Garrison Brother land, I love everything going on with your company, the story I've read about the journey are all impressive. Cheers to all of your current success, and all of your future successes to come.

Quick Marketing Jingle for Highway Billboard Designers:

Short and Sweet, when time is on the feet...

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