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Updated: Jun 8, 2020

(In order of appearance)



1. The comments are feelings that people have or had and they made it a song.

2. Snickers theme continued, maybe the world just needs a snickers.

3. The diversity displayed was remarkable.

4. Maybe the world just needs a snickers.

5. Not too humorous that we forget about the brand.

6. #snickersfixtheworld lofty goal, now que the Public Relations Team. Get to work...


1. The social media influencers fell into the snickers hole while taking a selfie. People have died doing this and this is not a humorous subject. Some people are willing to take a risk for a magnificent photo that will be the envy of others - should they fail we should not poke fun. I think this would be a better commercial without this segment.

2. Luis Guzman, a comedian shortly after says that the Snickers hole is working. He's just a comedian. I get it. It wasn't funny. Yes, social media influencer isn't the most respectable job, but it's a job nonetheless. We don't need to off them.

We will see if #snickersfixtheworld will stick because we definitely need it.



1. The amount of times you see a Porsche.

2. The thrill and excitement with almost no words.

3. How they released an electric car, which made no sound leaving the museum.


1. Finally an electric car that steals you. It could use a better play on words but definitely is better than a car worth stealing. That would be a disaster...

2. The electric car is the bad guy. The electric car is the good guy that isn't polluting the planet. I think they should make the security officers driving the new electric cars and switch the tagline the electric car can not be out run by the gas made Cayenne. People are already hesitant to switch, even though it's the best thing in the world...



1. Casting one of the greatest football players in the history of the sport as its spokesman.

2. The choice of black and white while all of the other commercials are in color makes this one stand out.

3. The amount of times that Hulu is said or written on the screen.

4. The fact that Hulu owns to selling out in the advertisement really works.


1. Hulu just doesn't have live sports. Confusing wording then follows. It could find a better way to highlight its features on programming. Talk about the exclusive content that you offer... like, since they have live sports, have a TB13 exclusive feed announcing the team he will play for in 2020. That kind of content is what television users desire...

Michelob Ultra

I've got to give a tip of the hat to this ad... Almost great enough for me to try...



1. Love the message. Love everything it says.

2. Give it everything...

3. Popular football player sharing a heartwarming story during the greatest football game of the year.


1. Not enough mention of the product. Kia Seltos.



1. The entire message is beautiful.

2. The subtle Microsoft logo in the bottom corner of the tv.

3. The usage of the Microsoft Surface

4. Proud sponsor of the NFL message.


1. Not enough messages about the Surface. Tie this into the success on the field...

2. Not enough Surface usage... to subtle. Highlight the different ways the Microsoft Surface has bettered her career as a successful coach in the NFL.

Marketing Message:

The words that are said in advertisements are the most important things. Whether it is written or spoken, everything rely's on the importance of the words. Say the right ones when you are highlighting your product, but don't forget it's important to focus on sales... even if you take an indirect approach.

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