Aunt Jemima IS Quaker Oats

I woke up to find that in the middle of the #BLM movement, Quaker Oats is going to kill its name of its famous syrup brand Aunt Jemima, in addition to removing the black woman from the syrup bottle.

Don't you dare minimize Aunt Jemima in the middle of a country grieving centuries of oppression! Allow me to make you aware of the opportunities...

Let's take a look at some of the advertising that your brand was built on. It may come as a surprise...

Now it's clear the image that Aunt Jemima was portraying a slave master's chef. The brand was made in 1889 shortly after slavery officially ended.

Let's go to the history books. Nancy Green, was the real Aunt Jemima. Nancy was born into slavery. She was one of the first African-American models to be hired to promote the trademark Aunt Jemima. She was offered a lifetime contract to promote the brand. The trademark to Aunt Jemima followed shortly after her death. Deleting this brand is deleting one of the first African Americans who was able to obtain financial freedom.

Presently, you are in talks to delete this brand completely. Tear it up and start over. Removing Nancy Green from the bottle and deleting the name Aunt Jemima. If you choose to do this, you are ruining people's pasts. This reminds me of Coke changing its formula to replicate Pepsi to be called New Coke. In a blind taste test, Pepsi is obviously going to taste better because the tester is only drinking sips. Pepsi has more sugar so initially it tastes better to most. If you blind taste test over the duration of the entire drink results may differ. Don't ruin the history of the brand. The humor in this is that PepsiCo owns Quaker who makes Aunt Jemima.

So, how do we move forward towards a more promising future for this brand Aunt Jemima? EVOLVE! The original Aunt Jemima, Nancy Green, was an activist. Turn Aunt Jemima into what she continues to be. A strong black activist woman. You have a huge opportunity to be active in the #BLM movement Quaker Oats. Donate profits to fix systemic racism. Own up from where it began, make consumers aware of your growth, and continue to grow with the people.

Determine Nancy Green's lineage, and allow a younger generation to become financially free also. Since there was a dispute of a few billion dollars that were supposed unpaid loyalties to her immediate family following her unexpected death. Evolve by doing what is right. When you do this, you will have a huge group of loyal customers because African Americans are one of the most loyal brand consumers on the market.

Here is the bottle that you should re-introduce as Aunt Jemima.

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