Budweiser King of Quarantine Ad

AB InBev, congratulations on remaining king.

You brought back one of your most memorable advertisements and made it relevant and current. The Whassup? Budweiser ad has won multiple advertising awards thanks to the brilliant minds at DDB. It's no wonder you have 4 million views and counting on youtube.

Whassup? Quarantine edition


For your thoughtfulness, your culture, and speaking to us in the language we understand. The closing copy is genius. CHECK IN WITH YOUR BUDS. THAT'S WHASSUP. Perfection. You are speaking to us at a time when we need it most.

Just when I thought that was enough... You took it a step further and introduced #TEAMWADE and #TEAMBOSCH in a remix of the classic.

Whassup? Remix Wade and Bosch


You dropped an even better copy at the end of this ad. Staying connected matters more now than ever right now. CHECKING IN, THAT'S WHASSUP. Because seriously we need to hear this. You even paired with the Salvation Army and gave a number to a hotline to those in need to talk to professionals.


Just when I thought I have been satisfied and you could do no more, you gave all the feels with this one, partnering with American Red Cross.

Budweiser American Red Cross - One Team

The copy read, "This season, we're all ONE TEAM. We're shifting our sports investments to help our heroes on the front lines. By using stadiums to host American Red Cross blood drives during the COVID-19 crisis". In addition to the service you are providing, you openly gave support and recognition to the front line workers.

So, in recognition of your greatness and awareness, I'll be buying Budweiser tomorrow.

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