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Updated: Jul 20, 2020

When you think of Bose, you think sound. Anywhere that sound is present, Bose will attempt to lure their brand as the preferred selection. You may have even upgraded your car's factory speakers to Bose by increasing to the premium option on your car. The Nissan Leaf I purchased has the Bose 7 High-Performance speakers upgrade.

Whether you prefer or snub the brand Bose is irrelevant. I'm here to point out a mistake Bose made recently as a life preserver for other brands attempting the same feat. Bose recently went out on a limb to vertically segment their brand into wearable sunglasses. I use these sunglasses every Monday and Friday on my 4-mile run around the Colorado river downtown in Austin. While the sunglasses make the run enjoyable, they aren't very protective of the sun.

Bose Wearables

Bose is a sound brand, not a sunglass brand. What Bose should have done is partnered with Luxottica and featured the speakers in collaboration (Luxottica is a manufacturer who owns both Oakley and Ray Ban which would be a perfect pairing). I do like the attempt to vertically segment your brand and try and become a force in another market, however, Bose is an expert to the ears, not the eyes. So, just like you did not make a Bose automobile to feature your auto speakers, you should not have made the attempt to become experts in eyewear. I'm in love with the sound on the glasses but I wish my eyes felt the same.

I love listening to the sound from Bose speakers. In fact, almost all of the sound emitting devices in my world come from Bose. The benefit of being entirely in control of the sunglass model you have, is that you are completely in charge. However, if you take my advice and partnered with a major (or multiple) eyewear providers (like you did vehicles), more people would have access to Bose. Imagine the sales from being featured as in a partnership with Oakley and/or Ray Ban in every single Sunglass Hut in the world.

Lesson: Do not vertically segment unless you have plans to become experts in the new segment!

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