2022 Super Bowl Commercial Winners

The hands down winner this year is Pepsi. That halftime performance was the millennials dream come true. A big shout out to Jay Z and Roc Nation, the halftime producers. To feature Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, 50 Cent, Mary J. Blidge and Kendrick Lamar was nothing the NFL has ever seen before, and to feature it in LA was so ideal.

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In order for Pepsi to really capitalize on this opportunity the way I think they can, I'd suggest Pepsi to sell merchandise and throw concerts in a handful of the biggest coliseums around the world. They would all fill up fast, presuming we can get a grasp on this virus (which seems to be dissipating now that more people are vaccinated). After all, they did not renew their hefty price tag to continue as the sponsor for the halftime performances.

I'd also like to draw a little bit of attention to the EV market for producing such star studded commercials to convince people to drive emission free vehicles. I imagine in about 10-15 years gas stations will have to incorporate EV stations or be bought out by Walgreens and CVS, and transitioned to convenience health stores.

Out of the 5 EV commercials I remember, this was one of the more memorable commercials, only the attention from the stars Arnold and Salma takes away from remembering which brand of car it was in afterthought.

You have to be careful throwing out gentle disses to Elon Musk, Polestar, it kind of takes away from your product...

I also heard a large rave from the Chevy EV commercial, but it didn't resonate with me as I've never watched the Sopranos to understand., but I was excited to see more EV cars being promoted.

And the Nissan Ariya an EV SUV produced a nice commercial that was packed with so much entertainment it took away from the quick presentation of the car.

The most memorable brand that was present at the Superbowl I'd have to edge to Peacock TV, for the amount of times they featured their brand. I can't say I remember one commercial specifically, but the brand certainly became familiar, and we all know purchase behavior relies heavily on familiarity. Here's one of their more popular ones but I counted about 5 or so total brand impressions.

Here's a solid brand recognition for Telemundo, advertising the highly recognizable GOOOOOAL! by their very own Andres Cantor.

Here's one that made me smile from Frito Lay, I actually just bought the Doritos 3D version because I remembered this commercial.

And the future of money coming, Crypto to the forefront through a rightful King of basketball.

You can't appease the millennial without a commercial featuring Jim Carrey. Oh how I wish I could switch to Verizon, I just have such a kush deal with Sprint that it wouldn't make sense.

And the one that resonated the most to individuals would probably be the very first commercial of the game. More than half of the orders that I've heard over my lifetime include the filler, Uhhhh.

Out of the millions of dollars spent on the product placements at the largest watched live program event in the United States, if you did not get featured on this platform, it's because you were not memorable. Till next year. Check out your tax incentives by switching to EV, you won't regret your decision, coming from someone who has spent the last 6 years in an EV.

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