You made a great decision considering Shadow Box Consulting as a resolution for your business progression.

Keep making great decisions.


Our goal is to aid in your improvement. We want to help you:

Be your best. 

Most consulting companies look for ways to save money. We

find ways to maximize your revenue. 


Daniel invested in the decision to share his experience with entrepreneurs and corporations around the world. With over a decade of experience in marketing and almost a decade of professing at the collegiate level. He started Shadow Box Consulting, LLC on 02/02/2020 to bring education, training and consulting for the winners that have decided to be their best.

The art of shadow boxing is key to the vitality of your success in fighting - business is a fight. While shadow boxing, you are perfecting your performance to be at its best. You are visualizing your own success through your actions. Every step is taken mindfully, while listening to your coach, to put yourself in the best position while throwing every punch with precision and perfection. We are your coach in this process.

Our axiom is always :: Be Your Best Self! 

Only YOU can stop you...

Allow us to coach you to victory! 


"Winning is everything... and doing everything that it takes to win is the only thing." - Daniel Henry 


Business Coach, Professor, Retired Pro Boxer
Daniel Henry
Chief Victory Executive


In order to be successful, you first have to visualize the success that you desire. Even the best athletes in the world need a coach. In order to win, after you visualize the win, we need a blueprint. Shadow Box Consulting will help you come up with the winning strategy to success.

You may have an objective that you want to accomplish. We will develop the blueprint that satisfies the objective. Maybe you are looking to improve in a specific area of your business. We will help you effectuate that area as pristine as possible. Or you could be looking to seamlessly progress in all functional areas. We will communicate the transition so that business will run smoother than ever. 


Shadow Box Consulting gives you the discipline and attitude to keep focused on winning. We are here to help you win. Then once you win, we will help you effectively announce your greatness to your publics and champion your progress.


Individual classes and group classes are available. You are guaranteed to learn tactics, strategies, advice and/or knowledge applicable to your field or your money will be returned. The classes listed below are tailored specifically to the industry that you service.



Creating attention, interest and desire



Every detail in every decision is vital to you the success of your brand



Effective communication is the blood of your business


Consumer Behavior

Social acceptance, culture & experience 


Customer service

Patience, empathy & effective communication fused



Make every decision wise and thoughtfully


Media Planning

Make your message seen and heard


Organizational Behavior

Improve culture, performance, leadership, motivation, & production


Public relations

Honesty is the policy



No one likes being sold, influence the desired action


Sales Management

You're only as strong as your weakest link


We specialize in creating better work environments by adding to the skillset of the employee. We personalize training so that it is natural and comfortable to the individual.  The goal is to improve personal skills to maximize productivity. In business, you are only as strong as your weakest link. Our job is to strengthen your business conditionally so that everybody wins.









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